SAND has been moving in downtrend along with other cryptos but recently i has started to show bullish reversal patterns, currently we are seeing prices start bouncing from a key weekly support zone around $2.8,
Moreover we have a regular bullish divergence at this weekly support area which is also a bullish sign.

But at the same time we are seeing some bearish signals as well, first is the market structure and price action itself, we are seeing lower lows and lower highs being formed along with this we have a bearish hidden divergence forming as well.
So due to both Bullish and Bearish signals we are seeing SAND ranging,
so in order to trade in long side( for Buy positions) we have to wait for a h4 close above the 3.2960 which will invalidate all bearish signals and then look for Buy trades.
On the other hand h4 close below the weekly support will indicate bearish sentiment