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The TMG Grid Master Pro V2 is an Advanced MT4 Grid Trade Manager that allows you to adapt to the changing market conditions using a SMART on-chart Dashboard. FREE Lifetime Updates

    The TMG Grid Master Pro V2 is an Advanced MT4 Grid Trade Manager that allows you to adapt to the changing market conditions using a SMART on-chart Dashboard. FREE Lifetime Updates!

    • Dynamic Grid Trading System (Proprietary)
    • Inbuilt Swing Master Strategy: Complete Swing and Trend trading System with Auto-Defense Mechanism
    • Multi-feature Risk Management System
    • Ultra Adaptive: Profit in trending as well as in choppy and volatile markets
    • Use the V2 to trade FX, Gold, Silver, Oil and Stock Indexes with the TMG Titan Community
    • Dual Mode capability: Switch from Black Hawk Down “TOTAL RESCUE” mode to “MAX PROFIT” mode in an instant. Get out of a wrong trade at breakeven or in profit. As a Titan trader, the power is in your hands!


    Finance expo

    We participated in this event!

    There were Trading Seminars

    Over 50 + Speakers

    Over 100+ Booths

    Forex, Stocks, Metaverse & more!

    Wiki Finance Expo Singapore

    Event Details:

    May 27th, 2023

    Sands Expo & Convention Centre, MBS, Singapore

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    I love to travel. Here I am in Bath, UK.

    My 6 Monitor Trading Setup

    The ProTradersNetwork Office

    Besides trading, I enjoy Flora and Fauna

    Attending The Traders’ Fair @ Marina Bay Sands

    Where Traders Meet and Learn

    Sharing session with other Pro traders

    With our clients and partners at the Traders Fair

    Rest and Relax at the Office Lounge

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    Book #1

    Knowing the Forex Terrain

    Book #4

    Technical Analysis, Strengths & Limitations

    Book #2

    The Forex Market Demystified

    Book #5

    Psychology of Successful Traders

    Book #3

    Understanding The Economic Landscape

    Book #6

    Battle with a Forex Trading Plan

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the TMG?

    TMG is a Semi Automated Expert Advisor. It functions as Grid Trade Manager and has been developed by Ardy (Titan founder) after more than 20 years of research on various trading systems, strategies and approaches.

    He has conducted numerous back tests using historical data as well as countless forward testing using both demo and live accounts. The TMG trading system incorporates 3 trading strategies within a single system, namely Scalping, Swing trading and a Grid based trading approach. It also integrates the inherent advantages of Manual trading and Automated trading.

    Who are the TMG Titans

    The TMG Titans are a group of traders that are trained in the art of using the TMG Trading System. It is a trading community that is united with a common Mission and Vision.

    As a community the TMG Titans are sworn to support each other in trading which they view as a battle in the financial markets. Each Titan trader is a commander of his own army (capital). He is responsible over the death of his soldiers (loss of capital) or the growth of his army (profits and capital growth).

    The objective of a Titan commander is to grow his army through the application of 3 elements (KTC):




    The Titans also have a code of conduct and have common beliefs, traditions and terminology to help them become proficient traders in a tight knit highly highly motivated community.

    How can I be a part of the TMG Titans?

    You can be part of the TMG Titans by purchasing one of the 3 training packages offered. The 3 packages are:

    A. Fast Start FX Trading Training Package

    B. TMG Semi-Automated Training Package

    C. TMG Advanced Training Package

    Once you have taken one or a combination of the training packages you will be allowed to use/rent the TMG and/or Titan Trading Tools which automatically allows you a place in the TMG Titans Discord community. Right now ONLY TMG Traders will be able to see the full extent of the TMG Titans channel.

    What is The Mission & Vision of The TMG Titans?

    Vision: To help traders throughout the world be consistently profitable.

    Mission: To offer a suite of battle tested trading tools & strategies, quality education & community support.


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