A Burning Desire To Help Traders and Investors Be More Systematic, Knowledgable and Profitable Investing in The Financial Markets.

– Ardy’s achievements

1999 – Started trading and investing
2008 – Founded Forexachievers
2020 – Founded ProTradersNetwork.com
2009 – Developed Forex Trading Mastery Course
2011 – Developed Stocks Trading Mastery Course
2020 – Developed Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery Course
2006 – Continuous Development of Trading Systems with Real Capital
2017 – Developed Forexachievers Trading Signals App, Available on Android and Apple Store [Signals have been profitable every single month since service started in 2017 to 2021]
2018 – Developed Algorithmic & Semi-automated Trading Systems
2018 – Official Media Sponsor of Traders Fair Singapore 2018 (Suntec City) 2019 – Official Media Sponsor of Traders Fair Singapore 2019 (Marina Bay Sands)
2018 – Developed a partnership with Australian broker GO Markets which has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and holding ASIC (Australia). GO Markets is also the official sponsor of Chelsea FC.
2018 – Developed and market semi-automated FX trading systems with an International Team of Traders and Programmers from UK and Amsterdam
2019 – Authored Forex Ninja Series of 6 books
2020 – Co-host of LIVE Business Show on Facebook ONxON
2020 – Launched LIVE FOREX Streaming on TradingView.com
2021 – Appointed Global Marketing Associate with RadexMarkets, a Global Subsidiary of GO Markets

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