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Ardy Ismail

Pro Trader Analyst, Forex Trading Coach and Owner of ProTradersNetwork. Navigating the markets since 1999.


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Multiple POV Market Analysis

Receive daily analysis of the markets from our Pro Traders and top analyists. Ever feeling unsure about investing? Hear what these guys have to say about the market!

Investing In Every Angle

Here at ProTradersNetwork, we cover every angle in investing. Covering the Forex & Stock Markets, Commodities, CryptoCurrencies as well as frequent  secrets to become a successful trader.

Crowd Sourced Ideas & Discussions

Dive into a pool of ideas from different investors in our community. With more perspectives, you are sure to make better and smarter investing decisions!

Laptop & Mobile Optimized

Away from your computer? Not wanting to miss out on any action? Not a problem, you can access the ProTradersNetwork community from anywhere 24/7!


Relevant User Generated Content & Community Involvement!

Explore areas related to every aspect of investing. Our pro traders and  analyists provide a wide variety of content especially for investors just like you. In our community, everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, as well as remain lively and active. Come join us and be a part of this amazing group of people!


Recent Postings

An Elite Game

An Elite Game

Trading is a challenging and competitive arena where only the best of the best succeed. To achieve success, traders must invest significant effort in training, market analysis, and the development of effective trading strategies. The grid trading strategy is one such...

Setting Realistic Expectations

Setting Realistic Expectations

Many people tend to look for quick fixes to their problems rather than implementing effective long-term solutions. This phenomenon is particularly apparent in trading, where individuals often seek to make a fast fortune. While it is important to acknowledge and accept...

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