SOLUSDT Technical Analysis:
SOLUSDT is making lower lows and lower highs, the overall sentiment is bearish and price is more likely to continue downside movement, at the moment the area of 82.40 is a resistance zone that can be used as the level for selling trades if we see any upside move, downside target will be $75-72.

MATICUSDT Technical Analysis:
MATICUSDT is in overall downtrend, making lower lows and lower highs, the overall momentum is bearish, so price is more likely to continue bearish movement towards 1.260, in case of upside move the area of 1.380 will be a selling zone(on rejection candle).

SANDUSDT Technical Analysis:
SANDUSDT is currently moving at a key support zone of $2.70, this area has acted as a support many times historically, H4 structure is bullish but the current momentum is very bearish, SAND has made a undecisive range, the upper area of resistance is around 3.0486 and lower support is at 2.6312, as long as price is inside this range we have to wait, on a break above the resistance of 3.0486 will be a signal for a upside move towards 3.600, on the other hand on a break below the area of 2.6312 we will see a downside move towards $2.250